What we do

  • Squared Monitoring captures, organizes and analyzes advertising, news and PR communications from across India.
  • Provides clients with the visibility they require to react to competitor activity.
  • Give them greater confidence to develop successful communication strategies.
  • 24x7 access to online database for search and reviewing archives.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly emails with links to relevant media.
  • Ad hoc compilations on specific queries.
  • Assist advertisers, agencies and media owners to understand who is advertising or publishing,where they are advertising and publishing and what they are saying.

Our Services

Ad Hoc

Tailor your requests for ad compilations in specific categories in specific time frames. Anyone can call / email us any time during the day and place their request for ordering relevant ads in their category.

Free Alerts

Ads are reported to you by e-mail on a daily basis via a custom system based on the type of AD monitoring you require.

Monthly / Fortnightly / Weekly Update

This service compiles all new ads in a month – including revised versions of previous ads – with a Summary Listing for your reference by the first week of the following month Depending on the service, every month / week / fortnight , a complete data dvd is compiled for all services subscribed i.e TV Ads, Press Ads, Radio & Internet Ads supported by a log sheet.

Online Access

This service allows you to take quota of ads and view the ads thru our online database. Post subscription one gets the access to download and view ads directly from our website Our databank extends from 2004 onwards till date. We have collection of ads from TV, Print, Radio, Web, and Press News Clippings.

Event Tracking

Analyse your visibility during a sports, awards, competition events. For example one can simply know, how many times their products have been visible and talked about in a specific event.

Social Media Mentions

For a specific campaign or expressed viewpoint, we track the discussions happening in social media with feedback detailed in positive and negative.